Rick Eldridge is an award-winning film and TV producer

A 25-year veteran of the entertainment industry who has earned a reputation as a champion of responsible programming. Rick is highly regarded for the breadth of his experiences with Universal Studios, ESPN and FOX, as well as his role in running independent production studios that have been hired out by DreamWorks SKG and Disney, among others. He has won over twenty Tellys, produced five platinum animation products, and has served as Executive Producer of more than a dozen significant-scale film and television projects, including his recent role as Producer of award-winning films including BOBBY JONES -STROKE OF GENIUS, THE ULTIMATE GIFT, and the soon-to-be-released film RUNNING THE SAHARA.
Rick has founded a cluster of companies with point-to-point fulfillment capacity in the film and television industry. His production studio, Independent Producers Alliance (“IRA”), is considered the premier facility of its kind in the Southeast. His children’s brand, GlueWorks Entertainment, and his feature film production company, LIFE(n) MEDIA Films, have both produced award-winning properties. His distribution company, Film Foundry Releasing, is widely credited as an innovator of independent film releasing strategies.
A North Carolina native, and father of six, Rick is actively involved as an advisor to the state and local film commissions in North Carolina, a Trustee for Brevard College, and is on the Compass Arts Film Academy Board of Directors.
Rick has retained The Helixx Group to serve as his agent with the following primary goals: (1) development of his personal brand, (2) participation in larger-scale film and television projects, (3) assistance in the re-organization of his corporate interests to optimize his lifework mission, and (4) the establishment of strategic alliances, including financial partners, to help in the implementation of Rick’s lifework objectives. Helixx has helped identify and negotiate with partners that have facilitated the launch of his new studio, a film releasing company, a children’s animation company, a film-making venture, and a media property seed capital fund.

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